I got bored of watching TV, I couldn't get comfortable so I put some washing on. Her washing. For someone who hasn't even been born yet she creates an awful lot of it. If you saw her wardrobe, you'd know why. My own fault really, after remembering some of the major faux pas my Mother dressed me in as a baby I'm determined to make everyone well aware that: 1. She is a girl and 2. Her Mother is a bit obsessed with clothes. And shoes. And bags etc. (although if you could see me now, you'd never guess).

Her outfits for the first week have already been washed (they consist of sleepsuits, mainly) as have all her blankets, scratch mittens, crib sheets... Now I just have everything else to wash. Probably another 8 loads worth and seeings as I'm convinced I shall be going into labour within the next few days I had better shake a leg. I'm going to go and eat a pineapple and do a couple of cartwheels...

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