I don't think I have it in me to rant this morning. Lets see...

The baby has been awake since 5pm yesterday. I have had about an hour sleep (in ten minute sections). No amount of rocking, tummy rubbing or tossing and turning could get her to settle. At one point I thought about having a drink then I remembered I was on antibiotics. I got so desperate at 5am I thought about throwing myself down the stairs (drastic, I know, but when in pain and sleep deprived...I'm not going to lie). I am in a royal grump this morning: my legs ache, my ribs hurt, my eyes sting. And what has made it worse is another stupid email:

"Your baby is running out of space in which to move about..." No she isn't, in fact she's moving more now than ever and I know it's because she's getting stronger but come on...this is just taking the piss.

Anyway, I'm up and dressed and I've had my Coco Pops. I just need to try and send her to sleep before we get to the hospital at one (labour ward tour) otherwise I'll bribe the midwives to get her out of me today. And that is not a joke.

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