She slept all night again last night, it would have been bliss except for the fact I couldn't get comfortable and then when I did dose off, I woke myself up dribbling. Very sexy Charlotte.

We spent the day in Portsmouth with my ginger best friend and her boyfriend, eating and walking and drinking tea. I got jacked up on candy floss and somehow ended with it up my nose. It was all very civilised until the dog farted on gingers lap...

After a lovely day laughing, I'm truly shattered. I think it's sunk in that I have four weeks and a few days left (or three days left if it was up to me) and my body has realised that all this faffing about has to stop. I don't have the energy to clean the bathroom three times a day anymore which breaks my heart as how else do I get my Flash bathroom spray kick without inhaling it from the bottle?! I can't even walk up the stairs without sitting down for five minutes. This pregnancy has finally taken its toll. I do believe it is time for me to start winding down before all hell breaks loose (and if she's anything like me, it will). The question is...what am I supposed to do?

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