It took me a while to remember how pregnant I was then, that's baby brain for you.

Well my waters still haven't broken, even after eating a whole bag of mint humbugs although thinking about that now...she's going to be bouncing off my uterus walls shortly. Bugger.

I slept ok last night (aside from the husband snoring - he was allowed back in our bed for one night only...because my brother stayed over, not for any other reason) but was violently awoken at 8am with another one of those vomit inducing kicks. It's all about sore ribs today, wearing a bra is super painful but without one...well, lets not go there. I should probably book the boob job now.

That's all there is to report really, just another day gone by without any sign that she's coming out soon. I did sneeze earlier and half wet myself, that's about as exciting at this day has been. I had better start my pelvic floor exercises I guess...

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