Spring smiles.

My list of happiness this week:

Lighter evenings means summer is closer than ever. After what seemed like an eternity of winter, warmer days are on their way.

Glasgow. Tomorrow Lil goes on her first trip to one of my favourite places to see her friend, Roddy, while Roddy's mama and I sip champagne in the park.

Rose wine. Not cool, but sweeter and easier to drink than red (plus it doesn't stain your teeth). Summer in a bottle.

Blonde hair. I've gone lighter and it makes me smile.

Teeth. Lil has three more which means there are less to come. Thank heavens.

Ginger. My best friend makes me smile more and more everyday.

Lil, dancing. That girl got her moves from her father and it makes me giggle.

Mama. My mum is home from New York! I've missed her face and her infectious smile.

Happy Tuesday xoxo

Sexy Paris.

I disagree that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. I'm not sure if there even is a romantic city, but maybe that's just because romance makes me gag. I do, however, believe that it's one of the sexiest cities.

Whenever I return from a trip to Paris I always feel like I smell of sex. As if I'd been banging the night away with some french sex god (I did have the opportunity to once but that's a story for another day). The Parisians ooze sex. They are effortless with it. I tried to be effortlessly sexy, did I succeed? No, I didn't. We had a lovely time. It was warm (bordering on hot), we did a lot of walking, drank coffee, saw some pretty sights. But there was no effortless sexiness on my part. The Parisians, however, were a different story...

This was my trip to the provocative city of Paris. With an almost one year old. What's sexy about that?

Hunchback of Notre Dame

 The best falafel in Paris, Rue des Rosiers.

New obsession.

 Sharing an ice cream at the Eiffel Tower.

Compulsory Eiffel Tower photo. 

After walking for what seemed like days, we found the cutest pizza place. Takeout pizza and beer in bed. 

Enjoying the rock and roll lifestyle (Please note: no tv's were thrown out of the hotel window).

She wore these shoes ALL DAY.

We returned from Paris exhausted, happy and with two more teeth.


Today we are off to Paris (although as you read this, we shall already be there). Just a short overnight stay with a whole lot of culture, food and a bit of sexiness thrown in for good measure (I joke, I don't remember how to do sexy).

Lil and I have packed an overnight bag of stripes (and leopard print) and a camera with an empty memory card and are off on an adventure.

a toute a l'heure!


LolliBop 2012

I'm not a fan of festivals. I went to a day one once - it was on Clapham Common, although I don't really think it was a festival.

I am, however, a fan of my daughter and Regents Park and (secretly) kids TV. So when my husband told me about LolliBop last year I was super excited to take Lil. We didn't end up going. Mainly due to my paranoia someone would steal her from me or what if she leaked poo on herself or got sunstroke or was sick all down me and I didn't have an outfit change in my bag. What then? Looking back I was being a bit of a loon. That and she was probably a bit too young for her first festival.

This year it's a different story.


Lollibop is the UK’s only festival where all the entertainment is for children. It all happens in Regents Park over three days in August (17-19th) and attractions include '3ft & under' for preschoolers (mini disco, tiny play, yoga, teddy bears picnic, baby salsa - Lil will be in her element), the Lollibop kitchen, the Human Zoo, Disco Shed, The Village Green (craft stalls, street theatre, live music), the Enchanted Forest, Itsy Bitsy Strictly, Lollisports and Lollibop live where some of the hottest names in kids entertainment will take to the stage (and word has it some surprises for the grown ups too). Headliners are to be announced soon!

Just LOOK how happy these kids are!

You can get early bird tickets NOW for the early bird price of £19.50 per person, per day but numbers are limited so chop chop.

See you there, suckers!


No Lilian. Don't touch that. No, Lil you mustn't do that. No, don't pull Mummy's hair. No, leave the dog alone. No, don't do that. No. Sound familiar?

We have, ladies and gentlemen, officially hit toddler territory.

Tantrums  ✓
Disobedience ✓
Testing of my patience ✓
Violence ✓

Keep your arms in the car and your hair tied up. This is going to be one hell of a ride...

Happy happy joy joy.

I'm making a list of happy happy joy joy again. Mama's gotta keep smiling...

What I'm smiling about this week:

The Black Keys. Up really loud. If music were sex....

Dancing. I'm so grateful for my limbs. You know when you feel super low and you just need to shake it off? I turn the music up and crazy dance with Lil.

The big goofy grin that wakes me up every morning.

The days are getting longer. What's not to be happy about that?

1. She's gonna be it soon and I just gotta embrace it. So many happy memories to make.

Grampy face. The face my grandad taught his great granddaughter. Nothing quite like it.

Paris on Friday. You can't help smiling when you're surrounded by sexiness.

Lace underwear under sloppy clothes. Nobody knows except you.

I'm smiling.

The day of the Mama.

Did you all have a lovely Mother's day?

Lil and I spent the morning with my Mum, Nan and one of my sisters, drinking coffee and stuffing our faces.

My Nan had been out partying the night before, my Mum hates having her photo taken, my sister never looks at the camera and I had a rough night. And Lil, well she was just being her usual self! Not the best photo!

Then I pottered around the house while Lil napped, we did some drawing and went to the park when she woke up and then chilled out for the rest of the afternoon.

She made me a lovely picture and gave me 'Snow White In New York', a beautifully illustrated book. I also got some crazy washing up gloves, a Mama tea towel, a teapot cosy and something for me to scribble my lists on. I'm a lucky Mama!

Happy Monday xoxo



Finally. A bit early according to when you're supposed to but what the hey. It's gone.

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Spring Treats at KyNa Boutique

I am so excited for Spring. I thought it had finally arrived but when I put the washing out this morning (one of the first signs that spring is here, surely) I realised that it was just a false start. It's still brrrrrrrr outside. But that doesn't mean we can't shop for spring, right?

So here is my pick of the cutest pieces for this wonderful new season from online boutique KyNa (for the babes, not for us)...

Would you guess these were pyjamas? (Ok, maybe it's just me....) I LOVE these. Good enough for daywear, non? 

A great Spring print, 70's style some might say.

Look at those elbow patches. Also available in Owl print. 

This is the first collection for the Irish brand, Old Rectory, and it's definitely a winner.

No wardrobe is complete without a few denim pieces and this selection from Bamboo Baby ticks all the boxes.

Made from Bamboo and organic cotton denim so gentle on baby's skin. And they don't only sell denimwear, 100% organic cotton rompers too...

Boys&Girls is easily my favourite brand at KyNa Boutiqe. Lil and I are fans of stripes and bright colours so these pieces are perfect for her wardrobe for Spring and they're made with 100% organic cotton...

Perfect for the Parisian look, we are totally channelling that one this season (I do it every Spring).


I'm too excited! Who'd have thought I'd get this excited about baby clothes?!

And finally we have Liandlo. These tee's are great for summer, such vibrant colours and fun prints. Cute with denim for lazy summer days at the seaside (and 100% organic cotton).

Such lovely clothes from KyNa Boutique, I cannot wait for the weather to get warmer so I can buy the lot.

Aaaaaaand delivery is FREE, returns are FREE, they ship to the USA.

So whaddaya waitin' for? Get shopping.