The list of Happiness.

This post was inspired by Abi.

Things have been a bit doom and gloom recently. Lack of sleep, teething and tantrums, a disastrous marriage (I jest, I'm currently in the process of trying to fix it so don't go all hand on the hip, tuttin' at me) so I thought I'd remind myself of all the wonderful things I sometimes forget to be grateful for.

My family. They infuriate me sometimes a lot of the time but I love the bones of those fools. The bones I tell you. The love and support they show for Lil and I is just overwhelming, they don't judge and they don't interfere. They let us be and hover in the background in case I need propping up. Bloody love them.

My friends. Amazing. All of them.

The little tantrum throwing monster that used to live in my belly. The love of my life. She breaks my heart every time I look at her but by god does she make me the happiest person alive. When she isn't throwing a massive hissy fit.

Seasons. They come and go and with each one that arrives, I smile a different smile. Here is to a wonderful Spring.

Nap time. I wish I could nap in the day. But I use the time that she does to be calm and peaceful (and watch The Kardashians - don't judge me), not do chores. We all deserve to switch off every now and then.

Peanut butter M&M's. Ain't that the truth.

Flowers. Bitch gotta buy her own. My favourites? Daffodils and white tulips: simple but effective.

Twitter. The Twitter love I feel is crazy. I've met some amazing people on there and they've all turned in to friends (see above).

Sunshine. Without it I'd be a grouch 24/7.

Food. I'm SOOOOOO grateful for food. Foody food sexy food.

Writing. It makes me happy. Free therapy. What's not to like about THAT.

My silly little list of things that make me happy.

What makes you happy?


  1. After having a bit of a run in with a bugger of a Kleeneze agent, I feel more myself again after reading this post. Nice one Mrs!

    So following suit, right now I'm happy for:

    1) Pip - even when she sticks her feet out and really hurts!
    2)This post - for reminding me not to let miserable, old bastards ruin my day
    3)Banana & chocoalate loaf/cake thing
    4)Coffee - even if it is just decaff

    Yup, that's done the trick. :)

    Kim xx

  2. I love your happy list! Especially the chocolate and banana cake thing. Keep smiling xoxo