Happy happy joy joy.

I'm making a list of happy happy joy joy again. Mama's gotta keep smiling...

What I'm smiling about this week:

The Black Keys. Up really loud. If music were sex....

Dancing. I'm so grateful for my limbs. You know when you feel super low and you just need to shake it off? I turn the music up and crazy dance with Lil.

The big goofy grin that wakes me up every morning.

The days are getting longer. What's not to be happy about that?

1. She's gonna be it soon and I just gotta embrace it. So many happy memories to make.

Grampy face. The face my grandad taught his great granddaughter. Nothing quite like it.

Paris on Friday. You can't help smiling when you're surrounded by sexiness.

Lace underwear under sloppy clothes. Nobody knows except you.

I'm smiling.