Freakin' out on a Thursday.

I've officially started to freak out. It's Thursday. But not just any Thursday, oh no, it's the fourth one left before Lil turns ONE. One whole year. It's nearly gone. She's turned in to a tantrum throwing toddler over the course of a few weeks and nobody warned me this could happen before she actually turned one. Thanks for the heads up, GUYS.

Isn't it funny petrifying how life just sneaks up on you?

I never thought I'd EVER say this....but.....I wish this was me right now.

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  1. Your amazing! Biased NO! I just love your blogs I so look forward to my e-mails! Your an amazing mum, amazing person, you make me smile on a daily basis! I missed your blogs! Thank you for sharing your life and lil's life xxx