Spring smiles.

My list of happiness this week:

Lighter evenings means summer is closer than ever. After what seemed like an eternity of winter, warmer days are on their way.

Glasgow. Tomorrow Lil goes on her first trip to one of my favourite places to see her friend, Roddy, while Roddy's mama and I sip champagne in the park.

Rose wine. Not cool, but sweeter and easier to drink than red (plus it doesn't stain your teeth). Summer in a bottle.

Blonde hair. I've gone lighter and it makes me smile.

Teeth. Lil has three more which means there are less to come. Thank heavens.

Ginger. My best friend makes me smile more and more everyday.

Lil, dancing. That girl got her moves from her father and it makes me giggle.

Mama. My mum is home from New York! I've missed her face and her infectious smile.

Happy Tuesday xoxo

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  1. Ah what a nice list! I've gone lighter in the hair department too to match the evenings and can't wait to sit in the garden with some rose when it warms up! x