The day of the Mama.

Did you all have a lovely Mother's day?

Lil and I spent the morning with my Mum, Nan and one of my sisters, drinking coffee and stuffing our faces.

My Nan had been out partying the night before, my Mum hates having her photo taken, my sister never looks at the camera and I had a rough night. And Lil, well she was just being her usual self! Not the best photo!

Then I pottered around the house while Lil napped, we did some drawing and went to the park when she woke up and then chilled out for the rest of the afternoon.

She made me a lovely picture and gave me 'Snow White In New York', a beautifully illustrated book. I also got some crazy washing up gloves, a Mama tea towel, a teapot cosy and something for me to scribble my lists on. I'm a lucky Mama!

Happy Monday xoxo