It's been six weeks now since Ember arrived, totally chilled and completely ok with being outside of the womb. She's the total opposite of her sister and compared to baby Lil's behaviour, the perfect baby. Obviously I'm not that naieve and know there will be times in the future when she acts like an utter monster but for now let's just focus on these lovely peaceful times.

a lovely peaceful time

Having two kids is fucking mental. It takes two hours minimum to leave the house and I have to make sure everything is ready for us the night before... outfits, bags, nappies THE LOT because if it isn't then we are fucked, basically, and it adds on another hour plus. My bedroom looks like a launderette, my bathroom like Mothercare's baby change room, my kitchen like it's been trashed by the dog. I have a stack of magazines that are waiting to bed read, washing that needs putting away since last wednesday and so many emails to reply to. WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? Mental.

It is wonderful though, seeing the girls together. Lil loves her little sister so much she could burst and I can see that Ember feels the same. She smiles when she's around but it takes me some solid work to get her to crack a smile. High maintenance or what.

loves a cuddle, this one

I've really fallen behind with this blog and I'm cross with myself because I have so much to tell you and lots of lovely things to show you. Just give me 8 more hours in the day and we're golden.