Another day, another moan. Today I feel like I've been kicked really hard between the legs, apparently due to the ever increasing pressure the baby is putting on my lady parts. She hasn't dropped yet though so no sign of going into labour anytime soon. Hmpf.

I'm actually waddling more and more like a duck everyday, it's quite embarrassing. I just waddled home from seeing my Nan after my appointment with the midwife (I got some strange looks from passers by and had to keep rubbing my bump so they could see I hadn't actually shit myself, I am in fact pregnant), which went like this...

Blood pressure - fine.
Urine test - fine.
Baby's heartbeat - fine.
Measure bump - 31cm (oh yeah, I'm small...)
You need to get your bloods done.
Any questions? No.
Ok see you in two weeks, bye.

They like a chat don't they.

I'm off to clean the bathroom.

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