A peaceful nights sleep, could this mean she's calming down now because she wants to come out? Probably not.

My only grumble today (so far) is that I'm in agony with my pelvis. She's putting so much bloody pressure on it, I feel like it's broken. I'm walking like a granny with a football between her knees, not an attractive sight let me tell you.

So far today I have cleaned the floor in the kitchen and dining room and painted the skirting board and door frame in the hall way. I'm having a lunch break (chocolate) and then I shall clean the bathroom (my favourite part of the day).

Yesterday I played with the bottle steriliser to get my head around it, that took all of three minutes. I'm ready for her to arrive now, if she leaves it much longer the whole house will be redecorated by the time she gets here. I know how to make her bottles up, bathe her, change her nappy, wind her...her wardrobe is immaculate, her clothes are washed.

All thats missing is her Royal Highness.

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