Five weeks left (five days if I could have my own way). I slept like a baby last night and for once I slept like my baby, she hardly stirred which meant apart from a few trips to the loo I slept blissfully.

Today I am cleaning (yes I do it everyday) and the husband appears to be 'nesting' which is really quite sweet. He has spent the morning tidying out the garage and taking stuff to the tip and he has a few things to put up in the baby's room. It's the most productive he's been without me nagging him so I'm letting him get on with it. I'm not sure whether this is part of his nervous breakdown or not, he might not actually be 'nesting' but frantically keeping busy so as not to think of the impending event. Either way, it gets things done.

I can hear him sweeping up in the garage. Ha ha! I had better go and make him a cup of tea. Now where did I put that Valium...

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