I've been vile to him today. Really vile. He would probably argue that I'm vile most days but this evening I've been in a major strop. I've been in agony all day, tired, bruised and nothing has made it better. Especially not 'you haven't got long left' which I've heard at least twelve times today.

That's the thing with pregnancy, you can't really control your moods. Some may try and succeed but being quite an emotional person anyway, quadruple this then multiply by a thousand and you have a ticking time bomb that continues to wind itself up and set itself alight time and time again.

Alright, I'm not the only pregnant woman in the world. But this is my pregnancy and it's about me, not how Sally down the road is handling her pregnancy and how calm she is. I don't care how your friend found it easy or had the most wonderful experience. If you telling me this took the pain away then I might be interested but it can't and won't. I'm just going to keep suffering...

Looking back at previous posts I have bashed him a bit. He really has been wonderful even though he hasn't really done anything to make this easier (he has tried). I guess just not walking out on me has made it slightly bearable (yes, I have been that vile). I really should at least try not to be so mean although when you feel like complete crap, being nice isn't the easiest thing to do.

I'll just have to remember that there will be plenty of opportunity to get him back for all my suffering once the baby gets here. It's only fair.


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