Flash bathroom spray

I have a bit of an addiction to it. It says 'DO NOT INHALE' on the back of the bottle.

I went out earlier and took a bottle of it in my bag. Now before you judge me as an addict, it was for cleaning purposes obviously. The nesting instinct has well and truly kicked in and anyway, I help my bachelor Dad out by giving his pad a bit of a clean every now and then. He uses Cif to clean. Cif. Yeah, that's what I thought. I wasn't having any of that so I took my own cleaning products and sponge (I am quite particular about which sponge I use for cleaning).

By the time I had finished the bathroom (and this isn't even an exaggeration) there was just over half a bottle left. Not because his bathroom was dirty, but because I needed my fix.

It doesn't matter though, it's three bottles for £2 in the supermarket at the minute and it sent the baby to sleep...

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