It's not ALL bad (just most of it)...

There are some positives to being pregnant (and remember - these are my views, every pregnancy differs). You can burp like a man and blame it on the baby, your boobs get considerably bigger and attract a lot of glances from the opposite sex (although after a while the veins on your boobs resemble a road map, you can see the M25 on mine), when you cry at nothing one minute and scream your head off about nothing the next minute you can say it's your hormones (you can practically blame everything and anything on your hormones and the baby).

When you first feel the baby move it makes you smile the biggest smile possible (even if you have a black heart like me), the first kick, the first hiccup, even the first jab in the ribs...knowing an actual person is growing inside you makes you so proud (although after the first few rib kicks you forget about being proud and just want to jab the little devil child back).

You get a seat on the tube/bus/train (only if your bump is visible), although there are some rude arseholes out there (men mostly) that ignore the fact you are carrying a child. And old people still think they have priority over you which drives me mad.

I'm struggling here, there must be

You can have that extra slice of cake if you want it (although don't go overboard unless you want your arse to quadruple in size), get away with eating four Vimto ice lollies in one go and send your other half out to Tesco express at 11pm to get you some chocolate.

Pedicures! Ah pedicures. You soon get to the stage where you can't paint your own toenails so a pedicure is the perfect excuse to keep your feet looking pretty. And whilst you're there, you may as well get a manicure. Courtesy of whoever got you up the duff, naturally.

You get to palm some of the housework off on other people, especially the hoovering or taking the rubbish out or bathing the dog. Although he is yet to do the ironing.

You're allowed to sleep in until 1pm if you wish, because by jesus do you need to. The baby sucks the life out of you, especially during the first and last trimesters. Some people (men) will call you lazy but sleep is so important, and anyway what the hell do they know? Unless they've been pregnant themselves they really can't comment.

Every spa has mother-to-be treatments now so that's another perfect excuse to be pampered!

Just the whole 'I'm pregnant' line in general. It can get you out of so much and why shouldn't it? You're growing a little person inside of you, your body is working overtime all the time and as soon as it's time for you to pop it out, well that's when the madness really begins...


  1. I really enjoyed having an excuse to eat TONNES of food in my first trimester!

  2. Oh yeah! Milk it for all you can get!
    Thanks so much for joining in the first Showcase at Love Mummy Blogs. Hope to see you there again soon :)