I had it earlier in between coco pops at breakfast and eating four mint penguins and a hot cross bun at lunch (don't raise your eyebrows at my diet). It burns. It doesn't really burn my heart though, that is as black as the night, it just burns my chest. It's a bit like doing a shot of vodka. Except you don't get drunk and it still burns after five minutes. So it's not like doing a shot of vodka at all.

Then it stopped. Now it's back again. It's either the bowl of chilli I had for tea or the four Vimto ice lollies I ate after. Either way, now I'm back on antibiotics I'm not sure if I'm allowed to take any heartburn remedies so I'm going to have to suffer. Oh well, what's six weeks compared to the last seven and a half fucking months?

Just another thing you have to contend with when you're pregnant unless, of course, you're one of these smug mothers that won't suffer in the slightest during your pregnancy. I know a few of those. Although they do say the harder the pregnancy the easier the baby so the last laugh may be on me...

P.S Something that has nothing to do with heartburn... my husband gave me a lovely necklace from Daisy Knights this evening (early valentines present), it's a hip new jewellery label (alright, hip sounds cheesy but when I fell pregnant I lost the fashion lingo) so if you're down with the kids (or at least think you are) go and have a look and buy something.

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