I was supposed to be getting my bloods done today but after a funny turn last night I've been ordered to spend the day resting. I haven't cleaned the bathroom (yet) or hoovered (tomorrow) but I have managed two loads of laundry. Mwauahahaha.

This afternoon I shall watch an old black and white film. After last weeks 'Roman Holiday' with the handsome Mr Peck, I've decided to go back to black (and white) as I find them much more romantic than the crappy rom coms of today. We're getting Sky soon to go with the vulgar TV currently invading our lounge and they're supposed to show the classics but I won't tell the husband I'm excited about this.

The baby slept all night, stirring occasionally but again I was restless. I woke up drenched at one point which made me do a bit of sick in my mouth.

Oh my god I've just switched the TV onto channel 4 and Gregory Peck is staring at me. Gotta go...

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