...=40 (If only)

Another restless nights sleep and a violent kick from my alarm clock at 7am set me up for the day. Except this morning I woke up with cramps which I'm hoping is the start, I'll keep hoping...

I spent the afternoon at my Mum's, eating yummy food and being silly. We sorted her wardrobe, organising it into product types (I bossed her around from under the covers in her too comfortable bed) and putting outfits together. It was one of those deliciously lazy afternoons with lots of laughing. Kind of made me sad that I'm not her little girl anymore and that soon enough I'll be responsible for my own little madam.

I wish I was four again.


  1. This is something I think about often: what will it be like to share my pregnancy and evolution to motherhood with my own mother?

    Each time I go home, my mum makes me tea and fusses over me. I love it!

  2. This is me today... I am 36+4 and woke up at 7am as well with a kick!

    I wish I could have shared my pregnancy more with my Mum but she lives in Portugal so not pratical. I'm going to enjoy reading your daily posts as my pregnancy progresses over the coming weeks, who knows we may even give birth at the same time at this rate!

    Hang on in there!