Another rough night, she wouldn't settle and when she did I needed the toilet which woke her up. The little madam is starting to get on my last nerve.

Had my bloods done, no spaz attack today which is always nice. We got to the scanning clinic an hour early so we sat listening to Radio 2 which was quite a traumatic time for me. He sat playing with his new iPhone whilst I looked at all the ugly 4d pictures plastered across the room, secretly thinking I was glad we never had a 4d scan.

The sonographer called us and and got straight to it, everything was as it should be although she's slightly small but I'm hardly a heffer myself so nothing to worry about. Then she asked if we'd like to see her in 4d (or is it 3d, I never can tell the difference). She flicked a switch and laying in her bubble was the little monster with her foot in her face, her little piggy nose and chubby cheeks were a delight to see. Then she moved and the picture changed, this time she was pinching her nose. Alas, these images did not melt my black heart. I snorted a bit when she was kicking herself in the face but that's her own fault. Babies are stupid.

I just want her out now. I want to squeeze her chubby cheeks and prod her in the belly. She's only roughly 5lb 3oz which is good as I'm not pushing out a 10lb ogre, they say she'll be between 6-7lb although the way I'm eating this tub of Pringles she'll be a stone...

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