I am in such a ridiculous amount of pain this morning I am tempted to swallow the whole pack of Co-codamol. My pelvic bones must have shifted a bit more in the night or the baby has dropped even further, either way it hurts. So once again my mood is reflected by the weather.

Tomorrow I shall spend the day listening to everyone say 'one week to go' excitedly but we all know that she's going to be late, I think they're all just trying to cheer me up and they're failing miserably.

I was planning on going out but the pain is quite restricting. The thought of a day in front of crappy TV is just depressing but I think that's all I'm capable of today. I feel like such an old granny which is ironic because I always wanted to be one. I'd give anything to be my flexible old self again.

Oh well, one week to go...

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