Well last night was a barrel of laughs. She didn't settle until half three this morning and kicked off again at half seven so yes, I'm a bit tired.

I tried to install the car seat this afternoon but the instructions were too hard to understand so instead we're going to buy a special base to make it easier. It's called an ISOFIX base, interesting huh? Then we went for dinner at my grandparents and I'm now about to fall into a food coma. That's as exciting as my day has been, no twinges or any sign that labour is imminent. Just a few of the ol' braxton hicks contractions.

Tomorrow I'm going to get my bloods done and I have a scan at half eleven to tell me whether or not she's growing properly. Worst case scenario: I have to be induced this week although after last nights performance I'm beginning to think having her out now really would be a good thing (at least she could get the care she needs if she is a bit on the small side and I'd get a break from her violent tantrums).

Watch this space...

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