It's getting harder every day, carrying all this extra weight around. It's painful to walk unless I walk as though I have a blow up ball between my thighs (one of those ones you get on holiday), which is what I have been doing in the privacy of my own home. I woke up in the night, well I was woken up in the night, to a hard kick in the ribs again but this one was the most painful so far. After an hour of trying to settle her she finally gave in.

This morning not only does my pelvis feel as though it may crumble, the muscles in my back are throbbing, I have period like cramps in my front and back and at the tops of my legs and my boobs are on fire. To top that off, I have a runny nose and a sore throat.

So my weekend shall be spent on the sofa resting up, sulking. Two more weeks of this will send me over the edge.

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