After a day of boredom and agony, yesterday I called the midwife hoping she'd tell me to go to hospital to be induced. No such luck. She told me to have sex and to eat something that would give me the runs. If she hadn't said it the way she did, I would have burst into tears but it made me laugh quite hard. Still didn't bring on labour though.

So for dinner I had spicy fajitas followed by a whole pot of sour cream and half a pineapple. Yes it did what I thought it would do but it still didn't bring on labour. So tonight I'm having spicy chilli with another pot of sour cream and more pineapple. I shall continue to loosen my bowels until she gets fucked off and decides she's had enough.

Today is no different, this SPD is causing me hell. I'm in a lot of pain but there is nothing that can solve it, except of course labour.

I just coughed and wet myself. As my best friend says: Fuck my life.
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