Woo, I'm now classed as full term. I've been told to make sure there's petrol in the car, the hospital bags are packed and to be on 'red alert'. She could come anytime, y'know?

Except we all know she's going to be late.

I slept well last night and she didn't stir until lunchtime which is a first. She made a bit of a fuss after the curry last night and I had a few hot flushes and some braxton hicks contractions but that's about all in terms of excitement.

This afternoon I had the strong urge to do some gardening (I know, such a loser) but was told it's too early so now I'm bored. I've cleaned the bathroom and there is a huge pile of ironing to do but I'm avoiding that. My painting clothes are in the wash and there isn't any cleaning to do (I disinfected the entire kitchen again yesterday) and I don't want to sit around and relax as I've had a sudden burst of energy (that's the Starbucks I had earlier and the can of Coke I'm drinking now).

Hmpf. Does anyone need their kitchen disinfecting?

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  1. I wish you could come here and do the ironing that I haven't done! I'm not in my own house right now so cleaning isn't very fun but have an urge to do paperwork...

    I would have thought all my nesting urges meant something but am disappointed to see that you had them at the same time, especially knowing that you're still waiting to give birth...

    OMG the end is long!