At half five this morning I thought I was in early labour. Turns out I wasn't, it was just wishful thinking and maybe a bit of manifesting. At half eight after persuading myself to stop being an idiot and go back to sleep I did just that.

'Another day to cross off of the calendar' as my Nan says. Another day of boredom. I don't want to sit around and relax, even though doing anything other than that leaves me in pain. There are only so many times you can walk around Bluewater without wanting to jump in front of a bus because all the pretty clothes are sending you further in to depression. I'm bored of watching DVD's, bored of housework - I'm literally all nested out. At least if I was in labour it would be a bit excitement, pain or not. I'd rather be crawling around on all fours right now that sitting here with chronic heartburn in a sulk because all I can wear these days are jogging bottoms or maternity leggings (VOM).

Give me my life back someone.

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