'Only two more weeks to go' is what they're all saying. Well yeah, until the estimated due date. She could go overdue by two weeks which means I have four more weeks left. This is enough to send me over the edge of a cliff.

I have learnt that I shouldn't be taking co-codamol, not in the last trimester and certainly not two weeks before I'm due. Just goes to show that doctors really don't have a clue...

Have you picked up on my bad mood yet? Yes the sun is shining and it's a glorious day but I have a headache, painful bones, itchy boobs, it feels as though she's about to fall out and I have realised my wardrobe contains only navy, black and grey. How the fuck is this supposed to stop me from falling into post natal depression?

Today's update emails:

'There's no more room, so it's a good job that growth stops in the last two weeks.' Really? Because according to my midwife she will have a growth spurt in these last two weeks.

'With your baby due any day now, you're probably feeling a little anxious about the thought of giving birth.' Er, no. I feel anxious at thought of her being an ugly baby though.

'You will now be nesting...' I've been doing that for the last six weeks.

Is there anyone out there that really knows what they're talking about?

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  1. They used to recommend getting in the bath to help but i was too big so getting in and out of the damned thing just wasn't worth the effort.

    BUT.. when i got in the birthing pool i wished i'd just gone to the local swimming pool every day for a relaxing float because the RELIEF.. it just helped ease the weight so much!

    If you have a pool nearby then give it a go. Get some large mens swimming shorts and a t-shirt and just go sit in the water *bliss*