I've just returned from seeing the midwife. They do like to shit you up don't they...

"The baby hasn't grown since I last saw you", she said clutching her measuring tape. Measuring tape? She's not a piece of wood.

I've been told not to worry - er, what's the first thing you do when someone tells you that? She requested an URGENT growth scan (she wrote it like that on the form and faxed it across) and told me that if the baby isn't growing properly they may have to deliver her early (I'm paying hugely for my moaning and groaning about wanting her early, so if you're thinking 'I told you...' then I suggest you stop reading this and bore off - I don't want her early under those circumstances even though she is two days away from being classed as full term).

So now I'm all freaking out and waiting for the hospital to call. I'm going to go and eat eight chocolate bars and hope that she grows a bit more.

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  1. Just read this after eating 2 twisted chocolate bars and 1 cadbury creme egg... am catching up but know you didn't give birth early so maybe I should stop eating chocolate!