I've given up counting down. Every morning I'd think 'X days to go' but I know she'll be late. She's already made it perfectly clear she's selfish as well as violent, stroppy and bossy. Christ knows how she's come to adopt these characteristics...

I'm in a lot of pain this morning although there is no point mentioning it to anyone because their response it either to rest up or that there isn't long to go and both of those would be met by something rather rude. I'm sitting down with my knees together but even that hurts.

Today I am spending the afternoon out of the house with His Majesty, I think we're going for lunch. He wanted to go to the seaside but it would be sods law that I go into labour when we're an hour away from home so I shot that idea right down. I'd need a wheelchair for a trip like that anyway.

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