After an amazing nights sleep...oh wait, wrong story.

The devil child decided to stop kicking at 2am, she started at 8pm. By midnight I was thinking about throwing myself down the stairs. I have never felt agony like her kicking me in the ribs, it's the worst pain (although I'm sure I'll be saying otherwise when I have her). Then at 4am she woke up again and didn't settle until 6. I was rudely awoken by some sort of fog horn on a boat (I live next to the River Thames) at numerous times throughout the morning so all in all, I managed about four hours of sleep.

Today I look like a heroin addict.

Then this afternoon I got a call from my doctor 'Your results are back and you do in fact have a water infection'. This is my eighth is nearly nine months. That's normal apparently. I really don't think my midwife or my doctor has any idea about anything.

I'm seeing the midwife tomorrow and unfortunately for her I shall be accompanied by my Mother. If you think I have a stroppy, potty mouthed temperament...

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