You may all be wondering what that monstrous rant was about yesterday.

I went to see the midwife (Heather, the one I'm supposed to see every week) and was checked over and told everything was fine. She then explained to me because I have an appointment with the consultant next week that I wouldn't need to see her. He would book me in for my induction for the following week and she would see me once I've had the baby. She went on to tell me what happens at the induction and how long it could take and how many times they'd induce me until they finally give up and perform a c-section. All in all, I could be pregnant up until the 12th April.

Now you may not see the bad side of this but if you've been reading my blog you'll know that I've suffered quite a bit over the last nine months and to be pregnant for another two weeks is the equivalent of a life sentence.

I was in such a strop after the midwife yesterday I gave myself the most painful heartburn

So with one day left until I'm officially 'due' (lets be honest here, we all know I'll be late), I best get cracking on the housework.

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