After a night spent worrying, this morning I decided to call the Ultrasound department at my hospital to see how far along in the queue I was. Expecting to be told 'somewhere near the front' seeings as my midwife had clearly marked the fax URGENT, I was abruptly told that her request wasn't even on the system and that they'd had over two hundred scan requests in the past twenty four hours and that she doubts I'll even get seen to within the next two weeks. I told the rude old hag that I understood they were busy but I'm thirty seven weeks pregnant and there could be a problem with my baby's growth. She said there was nothing she could do. Not once did I hear the word sorry and not once did I hear any warmth or compassion in her voice. By the time I had put the phone down I was seething.

I understand that they're busy and that they must get people like me calling up everyday but why the fuck did she think it was ok to speak to me like I was harassing her?

Pregnancy is a very worrying time for a woman, whether it's her first or her seventh. When you are told there is a possibility that there may be something wrong with your baby (but don't panic) you're going to get yourself into a bit of a state. So why wasn't my call handled with the sensitivity it deserved? Ok, I'm just a number in the grand scheme of things but I certainly do not deserve to be treated like one. The NHS is a shambles.

After sitting on the stairs for fifteen minutes trying to calm myself down for fear of going into labour, I decided to look into a private scan. I called a local private clinic and was met with a warm hello and told that the earliest appointment was this afternoon. Ok, you have to pay to go private but does it really cost anything to put on a reassuring voice to put the patient at ease? Even if you are a washed up old bag. I now have an appointment booked for Monday morning at a private hospital.

It makes me sad that there are people out there that may be in a similar situation to me that can't afford to go private and have to sit and wait for that call to let them know that an appointment has been made (and I'm not being condescending). Every pregnant women should be handled with the care and respect she deserves.

My email most certainly won't make a difference but I'll be letting the hospital know exactly how I have been treated, I just don't know if it's ok to describe the woman I spoke to as a stupid old bitch?

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