'ONE WEEK TO GO!' Yeah, alright.

I woke up at 3am convinced I was in labour but it appears it was probably just the onset of early labour like the stupid ol' Doris said the other day. After an hour, the pain had died off. I have convinced myself she's coming at some point today but no doubt I'll be disappointed come bedtime.

Today I did a spot of cleaning and then went for lunch at a country pub in the sunshine which was rather pleasant and then was treated to a trip to the nail salon by the husband. Now I'm sitting here typing this for you all to read.

I've had over 1800 hits since I started moaning online and from all over the world, I'm terribly grateful for all your support and I obviously haven't bored you all that much because you keep coming back... Or maybe it's because you're waiting to see how much agony I'm in during labour so you can laugh. Either way, thank you...

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