Valentines guilt.

Yesterday, my husband pissed me off. BIG TIME. He upset me, massively. He told a lie and broke a promise. Lies I can just about manage but broken promises? Nuh uh.

So what did I do? What does a scorned woman do when her husband upsets her? She goes and orders half a new wardrobe on his staff discount card, of course.

I deserve something for his betrayal. He should be punished.

Only today I feel guilty. I, Charlotte, the ice queen who rarely feels emotion (unless it's regarding Lil, in which case I can't help but show it), feel guilty.

This isn't an emotion I'm acquainted with often. Except today. On Valentines day. So not only does he piss me off and upset me, without doing anything, he makes me feel guilty on VALENTINES DAY. I'm not going to apologise. I've done nothing wrong even though my conscience is telling me otherwise.

No way.

And I'll be damned if I take my pretty new clothes back.

Hell hath no fury like your wife, pissed off and jacked up on caffeine with your staff card details stored on her Topshop account (he's lucky I didn't take Anna's advice and order half the Mary Katantzou collection).

Learn your lesson, fool.


  1. I applaud you! Great way to get even, don't feel guilty. By upseting you, you DESERVE the clothes. Look at it that way :-)

  2. another shitty valentines day huh?

    i found your blog today and added it to my reader. i look forward to happier posts from you. but if you have a shitty day, im all ears!


    p.s. nice way to get back at him! i usually do the exact same thing! :)

    1. Welcome! Thanks, that means a lot! Revenge is sweet, huh?! xxx