Rooooooaaaaaad trriiiiiiiiip.

Today we are going on a road trip to Bristol, one of my favourite places. It's M's birthday (one of Lil's friends) so we're going to hang out and do whatever it is a bunch of one year olds do when they get together. I'm super excited because just recently I've realised I love the company of babies (toddlers... WAH) other than Lil. It's funny to watch how they all differ and it's great to see Lil learning from them.

So today will be a good day.

Tonight we drive to Cardiff as we're going to spend the day there tomorrow and I'm going to show Lil around the city centre. I've only ever been once and from what I can remember I was tired and then drunk so it'll be good to explore tired and sober.

Let's see what mischief we can get ourselves in to.

Happy Sunday!

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