Fresh Air.

Ever since I was pregnant (a lifetime ago), I've been craving the countryside. A better life for my family; a quieter, slower life with lots of space and green and fresh air.

I've never made it a secret just how much I love the countryside. I adore The Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales and I love Devon. Somerset is wonderful and I find all of Scotland heartbreakingly beautiful. I would give anything to live in any of these places. And then there are places like Dubai and Australia, who wouldn't love to live in the sunshine?!

One of our trips to the Welsh countryside

A desserted beach in North Devon

My favourite spot - Ilam Hall, Ilam in The Peak District

Malham, North Yorkshire

We've spoken about doing it, moving away, a thousand times and nothing has ever come of it. But just recently I've been feeling angry (believe it or not, this doesn't happen often anymore) about it. Why aren't we doing this? What's stopping us? We could have a better, happier life. We should do it. So why aren't we?????

I know why. It's me that's stopping us from moving. I'm too close to my family to just go, especially now Lil is here. They are my support network, I couldn't cope without them. Unless, of course, they'd move with us. Too much to ask and I couldn't bribe them with Lil, could I? So what's a girl to do? Stay in this grubby town I grew up in, send Lil to the same school I went to? Nothing wrong with that, I know. But in the words of Ariel (The Little Mermaid) 'I want more'.

Guess I better get bribing...


  1. Ah my friend go married in that church!

    I just don't think I could do it now for the same reasons. So weekends and holidays it is. But for now I figure if we did move to the countryside we'd be spending our weekends and holidays travelling back to see family and not in the countryside anyway.

    1. Such a beautiful village and SO remote! That's a good reason not to do it but I still dream of it every day and torture myself on rightmove!!!