Things what I say.

This post was inspired by Alice.

Things I find myself saying on a daily basis:

Lilian, no. No, no, Lilian I said no. No, Lilian, no.

You're not allowed those, they're Daddy's, you have your own library over there. No, Lilian it's heavy, no, Lilian I said no.

Ahhhh are you stroking Monty? Nicely, gently, no don't pull his fur, ah nicely.

In your box, climb in.

Bubs stop sticking your finger in there.

Shall we have a cuddle? Ouch, no don't pull my hair. Ow ow ow, LILIAN.

Say baby Jake. Say Jakey. Say woof woof, where's the woof woof?

Where's Daddy? Where's monkeybum? Where's Raa Raa?

Pooooooo stinky feet.

Do you love mummy? Ah mummy cuddle. Give Mummy kisses. Ahhhh.

Say ooh ooh, monkey monkey. What's this? Beeb beeb, say car. Lilian where's the snake, sssssssssssssss.

I'm sure it's going to get weirder and funnier as she gets older.


  1. "Pooooooo stinky feet."

    I get this said to me on a regular basis. ;)

    Kim x

  2. Ahhh just seen this, brilliant!!!
    Am thinking about the possibility of calling the new baby Jake and telling Elfie that baby Jake off the tv has come to live with us. She loves him so much, I'm sure she'd enjoy it. Hate the name Jake though.