Science, dinosaurs and booze.

On Friday we met up with the super gorgeous Jolyne and her little cutie, Roddy, and hopped over to the Science Museum. I must admit, I'm not a massive fan of science but I'd heard good things about the basement for babies so we went to explore.

After making our way through herds of school children, we made it downstairs to what appeared to be a day creche of under 6's. Kid everywhere, urgh.

It was far too crazy to let Lil crawl riot so she sat and played with the giant Lego (much to Daddy's delight) and Roddy joined in.

After half an hour and a quick look around the History Museum, we found solace at the nearest alcoholic establishment (much to Lil and Roddy's delight).

I'd definitely recommend a visit to The Garden in the Science Museum if you have an under 6. Just be sure to dress them in armour. The kids in there like to play rough...

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  1. I had to stop looking at these pictures half way through. Charlotte, I want one. xx

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