Shit just got real.

I've had a tough week. Lil is teething like a mutha fucka again, I'm running on empty and my eyebags are bigger than the Mulberry bag I am currently lusting after.

The scales are telling me I've put on half a stone (don't even go there with the whole cookies thing, okay?), my periods are all over the place (I'm on my 76th this year, alright maybe that's a slight exaggeration), I'm an emotional wreck, Lil won't sit still and I need some fucking time to myself. Do you know what year it was when I last read a whole magazine, cover to cover????? (yes it was last year but do you know what month it was? Before April)

First world problems maybe, but they're my problems.

People are stressing me the fu... I need to stop swearing. People are stressing me out. Family people, Twitter people, Facebook people, people I don't even know. I'm reading 'Buddhism for Mothers' again to find some calm because let's face it, I clearly didn't take it in the first time round.

Maybe I just need to switch off, close down my Twitter and Facebook, ignore those who are raising my blood pressure and just be peaceful. Maybe the reason Lil is reacting so badly to teething this time round is because I'm in a bad place and she's picking up on it.

Well hello Einstein, of course that's fucking why! (argh, SWEARING)

So there we have it, a solution. From Monday, Twitter and Facebook will be switched off and only automatic updates from my blog will be posted. I will shut out those who make me mad and dedicate my week to making things as happy and painless for Lil as I possibly can (you can give a baby whisky, right?).

We'll see how it goes. I think Lil and I both need to find a happy place for the sake of my sanity.


  1. Sounds like a good plan. Social media stresses me out too -have some chill time with the bebe. I think Z acts out a lot too cause I'm stressed out about stuff. Will miss you on the twitter.x

    1. They totally pick up on it don't they? It's shit! Thank you xxx

  2. good idea! it can be unnecessary stress keeping up with the cyber world. which is pretty much other people's b.s..
    im sure you'll be in a better place once you gather your thoughts and concentrate on your number one priority, Lil.
    hope you feel better! xo

    1. Exactly! Thank you, I'm sure everything will be better once we've had some time out! xxx

  3. That's exactly why you don't see me round twitter too much these days! Too many annoying people, well annoying me! (not you though obvs) but good idea!
    A break is always a good thing.

    But still post some sweet pictures of lil on instagram?!

  4. Sounds like a good plan to be fair. I take a break from it all every now and then just to remind myself that it's supposed to be fun and really not that important. You can come back when Lils has cut them teeth! C'mon girly, push 'em out! Hope you get some rest and time to read...I find I never feel as guilty as I think I am when I've sent them off for the day to be baby sat and think 'why don't I do this more often?' Take care pet x