We have a cold.

That's right. A cold. Just a simple, common cold. Well actually, colds aren't that common in our house and they're not bloody simple either.

I hate being ill. I'm tired pretty much every waking hour so just the smallest of illnesses wipe me out. And being a mother is hard at the best of times but being a mother with a stinking cold who has a baby with a stinking cold ain't much fun and it certainly isn't easy.

And I've only gone and ordered a shit ton of healthy food to be delivered tonight. We all know the best way to cure a cold is to eat lots of biscuits and drink lots of Hot Toddy's. Bang goes the diet again this week. Feed a cold and all that...

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  1. Amen, sister. I've eaten a load of crap since I've been ill (pizza, waffles and beans, fish and chips). Can't wait to get back to normal and eat veggies again. Hope you get well soon xxx