Learning sounds.

Contrary to what my pictures tell you, we don't sit around watching cBeebies all day. I mean, come on. Surely I'd be in a nut house by now.

Just recently, Lil and I have been playing with flashcards. I picked them up a few weekends ago and every couple of days I introduce a new one and we work on the sounds of the word. I don't read baby books so I don't know where we're supposed to be 'at' regarding her development. I feel that every baby or child will develop at different stages. There's no right or wrong.

So anyway, so far she can recognised a dog 'wuf wuf',  a lion 'raaaaah', a sheep 'baaaaaaaa', a panda 'ppppp ppppp' and a train 'choooo'. We're currently working on a cat but she can't quite grasp that one yet.

She can, however, recognise a pig 'peppa' and calls our dog 'baaaaa' mainly because he looks like a fluffy lamb.

These cards are such a great way to introduce your baby to new words. Now all I need to do it get her to understand 'no'.

Buy them here.

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