Is precious. This relates to EVERYTHING. The time I spend with my daughter, the time I spend sleeping (not a lot of that is getting done lately), even the time I spend eating is precious (food will always be my first true love).

Babyfree time is so precious. I never really knew just how much until the other day.

Every week, Lil goes to Noo noo's and Grampys for the day for 4/5 hours. I use this time wisely. I jack up (on caffeine), run errands and do the chores all in that time. And everything almost always gets done. Not this week.

I needed to see the doctor but couldn't get an appointment so I had to go and wait. I was told forty minutes. That's fine, I thought, I have emails to send and I can peruse eBay for some spring bargains for Lil. Forty minutes later, I still had six people in front of me. Fast forward another sixty minutes and I was called. I was livid. Doesn't the stupid receptionist know I have a babyfree day? I only have four hours until Lil returns home. Well, not any more. At that point I was down to two.

The point I'm getting at is, as Mother's, I don't think we allow ourselves enough time. Time for cuddles, bubble baths, time to sit and eat cake. Time to rest. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. Whether you're a working Mum or your work is at home, there just never seems to be any time for you. Am I right? Of course I am!

So from now on, my one day a week when I'm babyfree is going to be spent on ME. Not running errands or cleaning. I'm going to spend it with friends or drinking coffee very slowly whilst people watching. I might even lay on the sofa and start my MadMen box set or even, although very unlikely, nap.

And I think, where possible, you should do the same.

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