The Naming Day.

We had a tea party for Lilian on Saturday (in case you weren't listening). It was instead of a christening. A naming afternoon tea (in case anyone forgot her name).

Was it a success? I think so. Everyone said they had a lovely time. They all ate cake and gulped tea by the bucketload.

It was lovely to have our families altogether (ok that is a lie, his mum and my mum met for the first time and they barely managed a hello. Thankfully that shall be the last time they're ever in a room together) and for Lilian to be surrounded by people who love her so dearly. That part made my heart swell with pride. She is so loved. But I got black icing down my dress and I smudged the cake. And I didn't get to speak to everyone who came to Lil's special day because I was so busy running around in five inch platforms making sure there was enough food and tea bags and hot water for tea and that Lilian was happy (she's teething) and that our mothers weren't ripping chunks out of each other and no dirty looks were getting thrown around (they were). I didn't take as many photos as I would have liked. I didn't capture the moment. We should have hired a photographer or at least asked someone to walk around with a camera but we were both so busy! So now I feel sad because I don't have a thousand pictures to show our daughter when shes older.

I do, however, have a wish jar. It is full of pieces of paper with wishes and hopes and dreams for her future. She will open it when she's 18. I haven't read any of them yet (I'm not sure if I should, I'm an emotional wreck at the moment). I also have three amazing friends who accepted the responsibility of Lil's two adopted aunts and one uncle. Three very special, kind people who I know will guide her on her journey throughout her life.

We have the memories of her day in our hearts. I'm going to sit down later and write them all in my journal to her. I know for next time to just take a step back and get lost in the moment, not lost in the kitchen. And by next time, I mean her first birthday party.

Oh god, only two months to go...

See where I smudged it? Idiot. 

After all this, my arse has doubled in size.

Thank you so much to everyone that came, helped and baked. We have such wonderful friends and family. So blessed.


  1. It sounds lovely, though it's sad the grannies can't get on. The cakes look super, perhaps you could get someone to take photos of her birthday party?

  2. Glad you had a hectic but FAB day, oh and the cake is AMAZEBALLS!!! Love it. Time to rest now until she is 1. xx

  3. Oh love - don't feel sad about the photos. You've got plenty of things coming up that will 'document' her mini-Lilian time! Plus, you've got her birthday coming up. So sad we couldn't make it - crazy how quickly January has gone. Lil looks just like you in that picture xxx

    South Molton St Style

  4. Brilliant! I got emotional just thinking about the wish jar too. I'm going to do that, as well! Happy naming afternoon, Lil. xx

  5. Those cakes look amazeballs. Truly.

    Well done for surviving it.