Flashin' back.

Waiting for sleep to come on Friday night (and it eventually did at around midnight), I started looking through old pictures of me on Facebook. There are some horrific ones of me drunk, some impressive ones of me with pert tits (they were a good set before I had a baby, now not so much) and some of me looking super skinny (although I mostly prefer my post baby body, except my tits).

Ah the pre-baby days. Weren't they a joy?

A very drunk 22 year old.

Massively hung over.

Drunk again.

Getting flirty with my favourite hungarian at a Christmas party.

Hours before saying 'I do'.

Happy on holiday and just pregnant.

Not having to worry about juggling your day around feeds, finding a baby changing room to clear up poo explosions or fretting over broken sleep. I miss those days a lot.

That's why I've decided to bring 'em back. Who says now you're a Mama you have to be a bore?

Watch out Ibiza...


  1. ugh, i miss those days too. last night i had a dream i went away and left Theo for a whole week, it was AMAZING.

    Maybe at some point this year we should arrange a meet up, sans babies, that involves going out. I want to get dressed up and do some silly dancing somewhere!

  2. oh just one more thing i think is quite fitting, my verification word for the last comment was:



  3. When I look through my facebook photos it is just depressing- I want less tummy, less eye bags, shiny hair and a good night out!! But I wouldn't change it for the world! x