9 months old.

Today the little lady is nine months old which means she's been outside for pretty much the same time as she was inside (although maybe not exactly the same amount of time because she was lazy and didn't come out until twelve days after she was due).

The last nine months have been wonderful, emotional, tiring exhausting and testing but all the crap just gets fuzzier by the day. The happy times, however, are fresh in my memory. The first time I held her (even though I was high), fed her, slept with her in my arms, first smile, laugh, tooth... I remember every second of each happy memory we've made.

My favourite picture of her - the day we came out of hospital. The 'angry elf' face.

And I'm looking forward to making many more.

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  1. Aw happy 9 months! They grow so quickly don't they? My daughter just turned one- I can't believe that I am mother to a toddler! x