Abel & Cole: a wonderful luxury.

Every week I spend around £15 on fruit and vegetables and every week half of it gets thrown away. Sometimes because it isn't great quality, other times out of sheer laziness because I can't be bothered to cook it.

I promised myself I'd eat better this year (this includes cutting down on biscuits - dammit) so it was like a sign from the gods when the Abel and Cole booklet came through the door.

I had never heard of them before but always liked the idea of a fruit and veg delivery every week. So I signed up and waited for the goods to arrive the following Monday.

Errol delivered my fresh fruit and veg box this morning (that's right, Errol - he delivers in my area, you get your own fruit and veg delivery man every week!) and I was so excited to receive it.

Beautiful colours!

Every week you receive a different selection and you can let Abel and Cole know what you don't like so they know not to send it. The beauty of these boxes is you don't know what you're going to get, it all depends on what's in season (although you can find out what's going to be in your box if you log in to your account) so you can experiment when it comes to dinner time and they have some great recipes on their website if you're not as ambitious as me when it comes to cooking veg!

Medium veg box and free cookbook for all customers when they place their first order.

There are different size boxes, fruit or vegetables only or a mixed box. You can order eggs, milk, CAKE, bicuits, pies, cleaning products, meat, fish.... you can do your entire weekly shop with them!

It's also a godsend for Mamas, they stock Ella's kitchen products (including smoothies) and have their own baby fruit and veg box for pureeing!

Such a great service, I'd recommend this to anyone. Especially busy Mama's who want a great variety of fruit and veg in their diet. It's a great way to introduce different tastes to your baby too. Lil is in for a treat!

Their website is great, it introduces you to the people who grow what arrives in your box. Such a lovely touch! I shall definitely be ordering a box every week (and I may even order a cake to come with it - I'm allowed a day off!).

Go take a look here

I bet you won't resist!

This post wasn't sponsored, the views above are entirely my own. Thank you to Abel&Cole for the images.


  1. Enjoy your veg box, I used to love mine! We now live near a really good green grocers so I no longer use the service but I always enjoyed the chance to try out new things.

  2. Cake! Cake! It's the beauty box for veggies. Love it. I have a green grocers about 10meters from my door I have no excuse lol

  3. WOW, it looks amazing! I love the idea of fresh fruit and Veg. Think i may have a browse on their website xxx
    Oh and the new blog design looks fab xx