It is finally here.

Look at the time. I'm so tired. Is it Sunday yet?

I've baked a zillion cupcakes (slight exaggeration), iced the nasty little things, tidied, cleaned, washed a bunch of clothes and got them dry. This morning I angrily told my husband 'I'm not fucking superwoman' but I'd like to retract that statement because I think I am.

Tomorrow is Lil's naming afternoon tea. We have around sixty people coming.

You wanna know the worst thing about it? What I'm dreading the most? My mum and his mum meeting for the first time. We've been so successful in avoiding this for such a long time and then Lil goes and gets born and ruins it. I'm not looking forward to it at all.

Come back on Sunday and I'll tell you all about it...

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  1. Me and my bloke have been together for eleven years now and the parents still haven't met. Fingers crossed it will stay that way.

    Hope it went well today and you at least got to enjoy on some of those cupcakes!