Party planning.

I've been attempting to start planning Lil's first birthday party. Ideally, we wanted to have a party for just her and her baby friends (along with our friends) and to do something separate with family (mine and Tim's parents are divorced and we both have massive extended families). We worked out that if we had friends and family together we were looking at about 80-90 people. We can't fit that many in our house and even if we could, the stress would be enough to send us both in to a meltdown.

So this was the plan: on the day of her birthday we have a party. The days before or the days following we would plan trips out with members of the family, separately, so there would be no dirty looks, no bitchy remarks and zero stress. We had it all worked out and we were happy that it would be ok.

We were wrong. Apparently, a child's party is about everyone else except the child. How selfish of us to think otherwise!

So after a massive hissy fit, a few selective curse words and the right 'ump with pretty much everyone, we've decided to see how Lil's naming afternoon tea goes with all the family together and decide then whether or not it will save a whole lot of bother to just have everyone round.

And failing that, we'll leave the country for the weekend.

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