Ah you've probably heard this a thousand times before and if you're a mama you've thought this a million times before: I am EXHAUSTED.

The teething has started up again and it's kicking my butt. The kid won't nap and even if I do get her to nap, it's for twenty minutes max. She's restless throughout the night and won't settle unless I cuddle her (I remember moaning about the lack of affection on her part -be careful what you wish for...) so I'm a walking zombie. The house is a mess, I'm drowning in ironing and I need to feel the sun on my skin and sand between my toes, I'm on the road to a serious meltdown. Like serious. 

I'm hoping that once Lil's naming day has been and gone, husband will announce we're off to somewhere beautiful and hot for a week. Right now, I'd give anything for a tan and the sound of waves (not a sunbed and the baby sleep app on my phone...). Hell, I'd even give up nagging him about New York and I NEED my beloved New York.

Being a Mother is so hard. So, so hard. You lot that have done it more than once are either mental or need to tell me what you take to get through the day.

Answers below. PLEASE.


  1. Here's what I do: Positivity. Lots of walks with the baby. Sometimes just cuddles, no phone, no computer. Reminding yourself that you brought her into the world and she's your responsibility. That she's your true, undying love through thick and thin. That the house doesn't always need to be clean. If you've given yourself tons of stuff to do in the day, just cancel some things. Its my new fave thing to do! Being a mom is the hardest, most thankless task! It gets better babe, when Roman was Lils age I thought I was gonna have a breakdown trying to combine working, mommying and housewifing! Xx

  2. I have to agree! Being a mom is the hardest, and I sometimes feel like I want to give up. But when you're a mom, there's no room for regrets. I know it's difficult- i know because I am a mom- but we have to be strong for our family. Cry , rest if you must, but never quit.

    In times like this, I just visit this site, http://www.babypics.com. makes me smile every time :)